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Non-Boring Travel Money Guide

The N0n-Boring Travel Money Guide: Dollars, Rupiah and Sense

Want to travel the world – but don’t think you are rich enough? Here’s an insider trick, you don’t need to be rich to travel. I’ve traveled my entire life, and never been “rich” in any normal definition of the word.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy This Book

If you are fixed ideas about how you travel, if the thought of taking the road less-traveled (metaphorically and physically) horrifies you, then skip this book.

If you want 99 bland and generic tips on how to save money while traveling, well you might as well just skip on by as well.

If you don’t have a sense of humor you’re probably find this book annoying too.

If you are still reading, you may be surprised to discover that:
The Non-Boring Travel Money Book even has some useful information if you are interested in:

  • how to set a realistic budget for your next trip, including the single most important factor that determines your trip’s cost (hint: it’s not the stars of the hotels or the length of the trip);
  • how to save money and actually achieve that target budget
  • how to setup your financial life to manage your money on the road;
  • tips and tricks on how to travel for free! (Well not really, but to travel for no more than you’d spend staying at home, that is possible).

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